SpeakEz Review and Bonus

As the digital age continues to evolve, long-form no longer read by page visitors. The reason? Online readers today are busy, distracted, and simply don’t have time to stare at a giant wall of text.SpeakEz Review and bonus-compressed

People absorb 140 character tweets and short-form blog posts with greater frequency – rarely reading web pages word for word. Research conducted by Nielsen found that 79 percent of test users always scan any new page they come across and only 16 percent read it word for word.
SpeakEz, solves this problem with their Voice Over technology that allows readers to consume pages as podcasts, even if they’re busy multitasking with other apps or tasks.

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SpeakEz allows your page visitors to listen to your page HANDS FREE, just by pasting a single line of code on your website!

As a professional voice over artist, Kimberly Hash de Vries has worked behind the scenes with her team to create an application that helps you create your own voice overs without having to pay a professional for the service. It simply takes the latest text-to-speech technology to convert any of your pages into a podcast, for your visitors to listen to!

Expect these great features with SpeakEz:

· Simple: Allow visitors to seamlessly transition from reading your content, into enjoying a captivating narrated audio version that gets read to them at their leisure.
· Use Anywhere: Whether synced up to a bluetooth device, in the car, or even while multitasking with other apps, SpeakEz totally works!
· One Click Play Button: With SpeakEz, visitors can navigate your audio visually by pressing the playback icons on your page.
· Fully Automated: Simply select the voice you want to use, copy the code that SpeakEz has created and paste it in the Head Tag of your site, and SpeakEz places the play buttons on your site automatically.
· Voice Over GIF’s: Capture attention with Voice Over GIF’s
· Enter New Markets: With SpeakEz you can enter new language markets with ease, by using the auto translation feature that will speak out in your visitors' native language according to the country they are visiting from!
· Software as a Service: You have nothing to install, just use your login credentials and you are ready to go!
· Speed Reading: Allow your visitors to read your text in 5 times the speed by adjusting the narration speed.
· Auto-play: Get your narration to auto-play when visitors land on your page so you can direct them to what they should do next! Combine this with a GIF and you get your visitor to instantly engage!
· Pitch Modifier: Change the pitch of the voice you have selected, to suite your preference.

I am really excited about this new software and so should you and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to add voice to your pages!

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I have decided to add some great bonuses to SpeakEz for you. To review all bonuses, you can check them out here: