Slingly Review and Bonus

Slingly , the real long awaited, anticipated release of advanced version of Ricky Mataka’s version of commercify software is going to happen on May 1st. The cool thing about Commercify 1.0 is that there is a no excuse platform where people can go, just start selling their products and be successful. After results you can check that page and what the team does is a two week webinar release and they have yielded about $ 700,000 in gross revenue from Commercify 1.0 . Now, however, the team want you to bring it out to the main stream. Something that can bring lot of money to your pockets for long term. They call it Slingly, which is like slinging a product to the store.

Slingly Introduction
Product Name : Slingly
Creator : Ricky Mataka

Product Type : Web-based training program and Software

Niche : ECommerce

Original Price : $ 1297

Special Price : $ 1047 ($250 discount)

Officialsite :

Availability : May 1 – May 8

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Comparison of Slingly and Commercify 1.0

What Commercify did is it did a one click to shopify. And its base is they did it all for all the main products and also for physical products. While with Slingly, it’s taken to a whole new level. You will be able to not only have full on the main product lines, but also your order is fulfilled with just one click. You click it to shopify, sell the unit and it goes to the processing system and gets fulfilled hands free. The team is coming out with order made physical. No longer do you have to go out the channel source and find their products. They are going to give you physical products. You can sell it immediately and fulfill all orders, you need to just sit carefree in the background. You don’t need to worry about it. Just sell and make money!

Slingly Reviews

Slingly Review

Agency feature : What if you want to run an eCommerce store for other clients? And you want to get monthly income doing that or share. With Slingly you can do that. You can add their stores, manage their stores, all order fulfil and take care of all the reporting and get the CSV files, revenue need to give reporting to those clients. The team themselves use this agency feature internally, every single day.

On top of that, what the team does is automatically generate all the markets view. Whatever you gonna sell on the main items, they are going to order generate high converting mark-ups for you that go on your store. They create the FB ad images for you. Time tested stuff that made thousands and thousands of dollars is being put into Slingly. So, at one click when you create your product, all they give you is all group of products. Slingy has done for you a commerce platform. So you don’t have to worry about designers, hiring, nothing like that. You just get in, click to your store and start selling with their training and with their great marges that they have worked out for you.

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About Ricky Mataka

Ricky Mataka - Slingly
Ricky Mataka is an Internet Marketer and Zend PHP Engineer. He is the Lead Developer of from 2008. Ricky is the owner of Divorce The Boss Marketing from 2006. People calls him the “Jack of all Trades” and he has an awesome talent in coding, marketing and sales. He is extremely supportive to his customers.
Additional Features of Slingly

Personalization system : They had made deal with a company that has a personalization system, it’s a platform itself. The team is going to integrate with them. So not only you will be able to sell regular main stuffs in the market, but also you’ll be able to sell personalization in a platform.

Advance Research Portal : where the customers would be able to find hot products literally and immediately.

One of the biggest hurdles customers face when running successful eCommerce shops is the tech heavy debt to set components up on various sales platforms such as Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Click Funnels. Also fulfilling these items and working out profitable margins. A ‘NO EXCUSE’ done for your platform can solve all those issues where you can get in and start selling. It’s as simple as that!

When they came over Commercify, it wasn’t for the public. It was just for them, because they need to get their products to their shops fast. They need to build their client shops fast. So what they do is they build a catalogue system that allows them to have quality assurance and inventory management and then one click over it to shopify for a client to sell or for them to sell. That work with all the main products, Aliexpress, Amazon and ebay. Because what they got to build in is one click price source in margin as well.