SiteSync Review and Bonus

SiteSync review

SiteSync takes backups of your website...WordPress, HTML, FTP, all kinds of sites. With a single click you can download and restore sites as well.

The All-In-One Backup Solution for your website is here

SiteSync, the ultimate site backup, solution just went on sale at a mega discount.
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Only SiteSync will perform Backup, download and restore For complete websites in minutes.

SiteSync is an All-In-One Backup
Solution for your website:
Backup, Download and Restore Entire sites via FTP
Backup, Download and Restore Entire WordPress Sites & Plugins
Backup, Download and Restore HTML Sites and Pages
It also syncs with your DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Onedrive - so you can save your sites on the cloud if you want.
In-built SmartFTP helps with swift backup & restore
We give you 50 GB Free Storage, in case you don't want to spend money on other storage services.
100% Cloud-based & Fully Mobile Responsive Completely Newbie Friendly
It doesn’t matter how big your website is, if it goes offline, SiteSync can put it back online Up within 3 minutes!
It’s cloud based so you can access it from anywhere in the world. It’s SmartFTP tech makes it super fast and efficient And best of all, it’s

If you have a website, then you need this NOW while it’s still available at mega discounts.

If you already know, how dangerous and risky Internet your sites are facing against, you'll think it must be complicated to make a backup. However, prevention is better than cure so don't be down-hearted. In my SiteSync Review, you'll be surprised that this app is easy to use within a simple process.
• Firstly, log into SiteSync. After your purchase is confirmed, you'll receive your username and password to log into Site Sync.
When you're there, the dashboard will show you all the necessary data: the number of FTP, WP and plugins uploaded, including manually.
• Then, upload your sites. Click "Backup your website" button to start back up your sites. After clicking, you'll be moved to the adding site section.
Click on the plus sign to add your site. A section will pop up with step by step process.
At the General tab, you have the options WP plugins or FTP. You also see the download and install link and the hash IP of your sites. Remember to make sure the hash is updated in your setting section.
Click "Check" and wait for the system validating your site. When it finishes, click "Next" to move on.
• Finally, set up your checking frequency. At the Recurency tab, you'll choose how often your site is backed up. It may depend on you, and you can change it later so don't worry.
So, this process is so easy, right? Just with clicks you can back up your sites and restore it later. I'll enclose here in this Sitesync Review the link of the demo video if you still have questions: