Poolside Profits Reloaded Review and Bonus

What Is Poolside Profits Reloaded About?

Poolside Profits Reloaded is about creating a PDF (With a affiliate link inside the PDF) which you will sell for cheap, like $5-10. Then create a sales page to sell the PDF and list it on Warrior Plus or JVzoo as a product. This is not a new technique and one that many marketers do on a daily basis it seems (see above rant).

What I Didn't Like

The free traffic method is about getting other affiliates to promote your PDF. To do this you have to join groups where people share there products to other affiliates to promote. These groups are solely on making money and related topics. Which is fine if you want to do what everybody else is doing... But lets say you want to enter the dog training niche and create a PDF. How do you get the free traffic from from affiliates if there are no product launch groups in the dog training niche?. This is where newbies will be lost. How to get traffic to your offer.

In the training Bill says to be honest in your PDF. So if you haven't made money online, but you have bought Poolside Profits Reloaded to try and learn how to make money. How are you going to create an honest PDF guide on how to make money online, get traffic, facebook likes etc if you are a newbie and never made a cent online. Bill then goes on to say, try something get results and then make a PDf on it. Such as try Poolside Profits Reloaded, make money and then create a PDF about the method used. But to me this seems like a revolving circle, because how are you going to make money selling a guide on how to make money online if you never have made money?.


That was my honest review of Poolside Profits Reloaded. It may seem a little harsh, but it's my honest impression after going through the course. It's not a new method, any product creator on Warrior Plus etc will already know everything in this course, yet complete newbies will be lost on what to do. Especially on what to write a PDF about and how to get traffic if you are not going to make a PDF in the make money online niche. It is a proven method of making money, but one which you have to have the right personality for.