Pixal Evolution Review and Bonus

 What Makes Pixal Evolution Better Than The First Version?

(And Any Other Graphics, Banners or HTML5 Creators)
Small Call to Action Headline
We took version one of Pixal, (which already had 1000's of users who use it daily) Then from it we have made even more stunning graphics, ads & creatives PLUS we have added new Rich Media features that have amazed and stunned the many users of Pixal who have been Beta testing the new 'Pixal Evolution'. Here are just a few...
New rich media: We have added a collection of new rich media templates
3D Templates:You can now create interactive 3D cube banners
Graphic Hotspots: See where your visitors are clicking on your call to actions
Overlay Module: You can overlay any site even if you dont own it with your creations
Agency Module: You can add your clients into Pixal Evolution
New Exports: Including MP4 and Gif and our new popup creatorPixal-Evolution



If you do any type of marketing online, from product creation to affiliate marketing, then you need to get buyers to your product or affiliate offers. This tool is perfect for that. Make interactive ads and graphics that instantly capture your visitors attention and virtually forces them to click.

Banner blindness is killing your conversions and click thrus wake up your traffic and start getting the conversions you deserve

Use the inbuilt ecommerce features to sky rocket your product sales. We have built in features such as live embed for your Shopify products. Imagine being able to embed your Shopify products on to your banners! or a live shopify button direct to your banners.

Most ecom products are purchased through mobile devices and all our new media banners are fully mobile compatible.

The ways in which you can use this new software are endless, there are so many ways that you can profit from having it in your marketing arsenal.

Agencies...with our agency license you can add your clients in and create their banners or graphics for them, this makes it a valuable add on to any marketing agency.

Mobile...with our mobile locked banners advertising to mobile visitors is easy. Even if the site is not responsive our software makes the locked banners responsive.

Designers...making HTML5 banners is so easy using our software, it's completely drag and drop so no need for a huge learning curve for making banners for clients.
Everything is hosted in the cloud from banners to graphics, rich media ads and more. Nothing to host and download if you don't want to. We do it all for you on our rock solid dedicated servers.

We have 1000's of graphics that are ready to go and use in your designs. Everything you need to make the perfect graphic has been added and we add more into the app for you each week. https://www.mylinkspage.com/pixal-evolution-review/