Lifetime Stock Video Review and Bonus

What Is Lifetime Stock Video?

40% of people shared that products illustrated by videos increase the chance of their purchase to that product.
70% of marketers said that video generates more traffic and conversions for them than other types of content.
Businesses are using videos to increase their revenue up to 49% more rapidly each year than organizations not using videos.Lifetime Stock Video Review1-compressed
Millions of customers paid even $10 to $199 per stock video because they think it is the only way to get completely free stock background and footage.
Current stock video providers are charging a crazy price for new stock video background and footage. Are you paying too much for these videos or reusing assets just because you cannot afford new ones?
What if there is a product which includes different appealing videos in just one place?
Lifetime Stock Video is literally a latest pack of stock videos by Richard Madison. With Lifetime Stock Video, users stopped paying $10 - $199 per royalty free video instead pay once for unlimited access to over 1,000 4K & HD royalty free videos. With this new version, he added 75 new 4K videos every month.

Why Should You Get Lifetime Stock Video Now?

The creators has resized all 4K videos into 6 size from 3840x2160 to 426x240 to allow you to use your existing software and tools without extra work. They provide all HD videos in 4 sizes from 1920x1080 down to 426x240. Plus, you will receive: 4K Video Footage Sneak Peek and Hundreds More 4K Video Footage 4K Video Backgrounds Sneak Peek and hundreds More 4K Video Backgrounds HD Video Backgrounds Sneak Peek and Hundreds More HD Video Backgrounds The price of Stock video is always expensive. Shutterstock charges $199 for 4K footage and $79 for HD footage. To purchase library of 4K and HD footage and backgrounds at Shutterstock, you will pay $139,000.
For the next 2 years they will add 75 new monthly 4K Videos to the Lifetime Stock Video membership cite. 1,800 new 4K Videos which cost $14,925 at Shutterstock every month over the next 2 years. A total Shutterstock will cost of $358,200 over 24 months.
Lifetime Stock Video will work with any software, service or tool that enable you to load or upload videos.
The creators done the same complicated work on all HD videos - offered in 4 sizes from 1920x 1080 down to 426x240 so users no need to spend time and money to resize their own videos.
You can use Lifetime Stock Video in any of these different types of videos:

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