Learn Build Earn Review and Bonus

The Truth About Information Marketing

There is no denying that digital products are getting popular at the speed of light. Just a few short years ago, no one even thought of paying something that you won’t be able to touch physically and now it is taking over.

In fact, according to the Forrester Research, by 2020, executives predict 47% of revenue will be influenced by digital. Surprised?

A simple look at Amazons, world’s biggest digital publisher, best-selling books speak for itself.

As you can see on the right,the daily sales of top 100 best-selling Kindle e-Books vs. top 100 best-selling print books (all brick and mortar stores + online stores combined) is 61% to 39%. That means Amazon sells around 220,000 of the top 100 bestselling eBooks a day.

Now add the fact that Clickbank, biggest retailer that sells only digital products, has over 200 million customers and you get the sense of how popular and most importantly profitable digital marketing really is.

Why is this important?

People no longer value physical products higher than digital.
The demand keeps growing every year
With digital products, you are cutting out the middle man
As you can see information marketing is one of the simplest, cheapest, and hassle-free way to start earning a serious income or even build an entire business online and Mark Ling show you how.

Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn Review

As you can see above, the members’ area includes Home, Modules, Forum, Calendar, Support and your Account information. I strongly recommend that you watch the intro videos on the homepage,to get familiar with the program then dive straight into modules.

The main course is broken Down in 56 lessons within 14 modules. This include:

Profit Funnels, Niches, and Influence – this module is all about finding a profitable niche and planning your first project. I also strongly recommend watching or re-watching Laws of Ultimate Influence in lesson 3.
Creating Products That SELL – this module is self-explanatory, highlights for me was the continuation of laws of influence and number 1 secret to writing so that people listen. This will help you, not only online.
Chapter Outlines – Review of your product and methods. This one has a great motivational video about the 3 doors of success that you need to get through.
Sales Pages and Mini Mechanisms – here, you will start crafting your sales pages and learn pro ways to increase conversions.
Creating GREAT Bonuses – Learn how to offer great bonuses that people will actually want and use. This is something I need to start using better.
Creating Graphics – simple module on how to get graphics created for you
Story Component of Salescopy – this one is one of my favorite modules as it teaches you how to incorporate your story/or someone else’s into the sales page. This is an important part because it helps people relate and understand.
Email Marketing & Writing Tips – learn how to write emails in different perspectives and persons. Great special appearance by Daniel Toh
Set up your website & Install WordPress – this module is huge, with over 10 lessons from how to register a domain, to creating add, to cart button and more.
Quality Content and Outsourcing Tasks – learn the proper way to create or outsource quality content which includes both text and videos.
Improving Members & Affiliates Area – this module surprised me on how easy it was to manage memberships and affiliates.
Facebook, Email Lists & Continuity – at this point, you will want to focus on growing your business using Facebook, email list and just continuing what you’re doing. Great way to scale.
YouTube Organic Traffic – I’m still not that into YouTube or video but this module might have just changed that. Great way to get traffic.
Hurricane Method & Finding Affiliates – aGreat case study on how Mark Ling handles promotions in a niche he had information on.
So to summarize, this is a big course. However, there is no need to rush it and you can just take 1 or 2 modules per week.