Desert Millionaire Review

What is it?

Software for binary options trading that claims you can make more than $70,000 per month.Desert Millionaire Review scam or legit-compressed

Short Review

Desert Millionaire promotes binary options, which is a risky approach that can get expensive quickly. You have to deposit $250 to even use the ‘free’ software, and getting that money back out is difficult if not impossible in many cases.

Before You Buy

Be careful if you read any reviews about Desert Millionaire. The site has an affiliate program, so many of those who are writing positive reviews are affiliates of the site and most of them are lying through their teeth.

What I Liked

There is nothing that I liked about this site or ones like it. They are manipulative, pure and simple.

What I Didn’t Like


To start off with, the guy at the start of the landing page video looks suspiciously like he is reading off a script. In fact, that is exactly what he is doing, and you can see this is the guy on the right, who is selling his services for $5 on Fiverr.

Fake testimonial

Here is another example:

Another fake testimonial

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Hiring someone to give a fake testimonial for a product is a fairly common approach, and it is also very manipulative. After all, if the product had legitimate testimonials, why didn’t it use them?

This should be the first indication that this product isn’t all that it seems to be.

The author keeps using these same individuals as ‘proof’ that the software makes money.

Fake reviews

While we are on the topic, the site is manipulative in another way as well. There is a counter on the side of the page that tells you how many membership spots are left – but it isn’t true at all.

Membership spots

If you refresh the page or open it up in a new window, you’ll find that this number magically resets back to 38, which appears to be its default. All the counter really does is try to make people hurry.

The marketing for Desert Millionaire claims that you can earn more than $70,000 each month, without having to spend any money at all.

$70,000 per month

Earning that much money consistently from an online product is very unlikely – particularly from one that costs no money and takes little work. Yet, that is exactly what this product is claiming.

Realistically, there are no shortcuts to making money online, and it is a process that takes time and effort. Products like Desert Millionaire that claim otherwise are completely misleading and are trying to scam you.

Additionally, the marketing implies that there is little risk involved in earning this money. However, as I’m going to show you, this approach is very risky and it can result in you losing a lot of money.

The sales video for the product also makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t actually know what he is talking about. For example, he says that he tried all of the money making systems online, including:

Internet marketing
Pay per click
In reality, all of those strategies fall under internet marketing, as does what he is doing with Desert Millionaire – as he is making money by promoting a specific product (and yes – he is making money, but not from what he is promoting).

The Money Making ‘Strategy’

The focus of this product is on ‘revolutionary’ new software. Honestly though, there is nothing unique or even unusual about the software. I have looked at dozens upon dozens of different online products that have a variation of this claim.