Blackbird Suite Review and Bonus

So, I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now and have done pretty well before I ever heard of Blackbird Suite or started this Blackbird Suite review. I utilize a slew on software to try and automate as much of my Amazon business as I can. That being said, I still have to use and subscribe to multiple services to get all the features I need.

I had the pleasure of running across Aiden Booth’s Blackbird Suite software for Amazon sellers and I have to say. I’m pretty excited since it looks like I can ditch most of the other software I currently use and let Blackbird Suite handle all of it.Blackbird Suite Review1-compressed

Amazon’s seller marketplace is fiercely competitive nowadays, and you need quality software just to stay ahead of the game as more people continue to jump on board.

Having great products and good promotions just doesn’t cover it in today’s marketplace.

That’s where software like Blackbird Suite comes in.

Blackbird Suite Review
It doesn’t really matter if you are brand new to selling on Amazon or if you are a seasoned veteran. You need great software to keep track of all the moving parts of this business and simplify your life.

Blackbird Suite was created by three very successful Amazon sellers who make millions of dollars on Amazon every year. BlackBird Suite is basically an all in one solution and includes tools and top notch training to start, manage and scale your Amazon business. Here are some of the features of Blackbird Suite.

Increase profits by gathering more Amazon reviews
Spy on your competition(This is HUGE) and track your listings.
Use the Opportunity Finder to source the next big thing
Find high-converting and relevant keywords for your products
Access to Blackbird University for comprehensive training for selling on Amazon.
Seriously, the BlackBird Suite is probably the best all in one solution for Amazon Sellers, and the absolute best utility to have in your toolbox of apps, letting you to manage your entire Amazon business from a central point.

I'm not sure what they are capping the membership levels at or if they are but I suggest you jump on this software quick before it's closed or the price goes up.
I highly recommend everyone with an Amazon busines check out this software. I truly think it will take your business to a new level and take a load off your shoulders. There are no contracts, cancel anytime and Blackbird Suite also has a 30 day money back guarantee so go ahead and sign up for the basic business plan and check it out for yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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The guys behind Blackbird Suite have also put together loads of training and tutorials that are invaluable for helping new and experienced Amazon sellers alike. Top notch support and a large community of people that understand theses guys don’t put out junk. They take care of their users and give back to the community with useful, actionable knowledge.

I’ll be updating this review in the near future after I’ve put some more time in with the software and get the time to upload a video walkthrough.