Unorganized Path of Light

33 Steps: From Conception to Ascension - Returning to the Source- Via the Unorganized Path of Light


               A mysterious artifact found in South America




By Octaevius Altair

November, 2012.

ISBN 978-1-300-45974-3

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Table of Contents


33 Steps: From Conception to Ascension Returning to the Source- Via the Unorganized Path of Light


Unorganized Path of Light


To Comprehend Dimensions








Pranayama Breathing








Stimulate your Pineal Gland


Astral Travel


Method to Lucid Dream


Musing of the life after Ascension


Unorganized Path of Light Rules



33 Steps: From Conception to Ascension - Returning to the Source- Via the Unorganized Path of Light



 This booklet contains much that is already well known to Thee. We hope that reading it will bring you pleasure, you are certainly free not to read this if you choose. Still we hope that those of you who have been selected to receive these words will at least read them. We assure you that they are meant to assist you.

At present there are some who are familiar with the great changes that have been predicted to take place and then there are many who are not. At this time there are instructions being sent from various mediums and sources to help spread messages of Change and Uplifting. It is the intent of these messages to awaken many to the reality of a higher vibration thought patterns and higher dimensional existence. The information contained within this little book is my interpretation of messages that I have received.



        The Unorganized Path of Light


Greetings Brothers and Sisters and welcome to the Unorganized Path of Light. Be welcome to make copies of this book and distribute it for free. We hold many similar beliefs, yet our Unorganized Path teaches that each of us has a unique, personal relationship with the Creator and as such, we are responsible for our own unions. These unions occur between our present Third Dimensional selves and an understanding and thereby achieved balance with all our Higher Selves. We exist in a multi-dimensional Universe where each of us has already ascended. We already exist outside of Time and Space. From Conception we traverse up 33 steps to escape and become our ascended selves. After our ascension we continue on and increase in density until we finally manage to achieve the 12th level and merge with the Super-Souls.  From this point there is a belief that eventually we merge and then separate from our Creator and becoming born as full Creators ourselves. Spawning our own universe from ourselves and experiencing that Universe as our Creator experiences this one through us. Together we will explore Meditation, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel.



So we imagine an immortal race of Souls, creatures of pure light and love –composed of the Creator-. This Race invents a type of learning, classes, amusement in order to aid the Creator to experience Itself. Each of us is a small part of the Light that is the Creator and as such we are all the same Being, as Cells within a Brain. After we ascend beyond the confines of this third dimension we have access to our higher-dimensional brain and we continue to grow and ascend until we achieve the Source (Twelfth Dimensional Super souls) and ultimately we join with the Creator to become a part of the Whole.

To think in terms of the Soul we must accept that our present level of vibration (Third Dimension) is to be regarded as early education for the Soul. Different Souls will learn at different rates and it is therefore not possible to fix a timeline in regards to personal development. Still we begin our education here. Perhaps some will take over one-hundred thousand years or perhaps thirty-five thousand or less. We will remain here in this Dimension until we have learned our lessons and managed to obtain the next level of vibration that permits us to escape the many confines here. The next level of vibration is a level that does not harbor the lower vibration tendencies of negativity.  It is important to think positive thoughts and to do our best to serve others in order to raise our vibration.


So we invent a type of school in the form of a manner of a video game –this being the Third dimension-. This is a level of vibration. Between the Third dimension –where Souls are born and in Nursery School- and to the level of the Ascension (Fifth), there are thirty-three total levels. The Soul begins as an Infant and grows through all stages until it is an Old Soul and is ready to increase to a higher level of vibration. This Flesh (organic) body is the Avatar for our Soul. It is a manner of accelerated learning where new Souls are born and old Souls volunteer to participate in the experiment. This World is populated by a multitude of Races and Species of many Worlds throughout the Universe. The Planet Earth is a living thing. All things are connected through a shared Energy. This should be imagined as a vast web of energy where all matter is connected.

Soon the Milky Way Galaxy where we dwell will be entering a new hemisphere of the Universe that will subject the Earth to more intense and higher vibration energies. Our planet is alive and it will be transmuting soon to a Fifth Dimensional World. All that we have to do to join it is to reject the lower vibration thoughts and actions and concentrate on raising ourselves along with the Planet so we may ascend. Eventually we will have access to the Communal-mind (think of it like a database of ideas that people are free to share). You will be your own technology and able to access this communal-mind as if you were looking up something on the internet today. The beauty of this is that the thoughts become your own and thus knowledge itself is available directly in this way.


       To Comprehend Dimensions


 It must be noted that when one examines the juxtaposition of Dimensions –they are generally at 90 degree angles from each other-.  This is also mirrored in the Chakras that are also 90 degrees in separation from each other –there are also 12 Chakras-.  When we speak of the quality of frequency we understand that the Harmonic Scale consists of 12 notes with the 13th note being the beginning of the next set. So to attempt to imagine that dimensions are of a scale that somehow relates to shape as in a length with a width with an altitude and a time point would be inaccurate. It is more accurate to imagine the shifting upwards in terms of a scale of harmonics in frequency as in wavelengths.  It is believed that the wavelength of our present dimension is 7.23. This is the sound of OHM, the average length of the distance between the eyes, the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose and the width of the palm. The shorter the wavelength means the higher the dimension and the longer the wavelength means the lower the dimension. To imagine these as octaves within the musical scale would be to confer that there are 12 Major dimensions and 132 minor dimensions within each Octave –which is not limited in scale as these Octaves go forever in each direction-. Remember also that thought shapes your perception as well as your actual reality.





 Imagine a beautiful white light passing through a prism. You know that this will cause that light to separate into the base elements of the whole. We are not organic beings but in actuality we are immortal beings of pure light and love. Our souls use this rotting organic matter –flesh- as an avatar through which to gain experience and knowledge here in these lower realms of duality. This is in essence what the term “Duality” means (the separation of the whole). This is where we reside right now. Know that within the colour spectrum we are able to discern only certain wavelengths of colour. Red is the lower and longer wavelength whereas Violet is the higher and shorter wavelength. This is what we discern at present within this “Octave” of our current frequency. Just as colour is a wavelength, so too are our thoughts another wavelength and our emotions yet another. As has been discussed previously, our entire universe is basically just a form of energy wavelength. If we were able to discern both the higher “Octave” as well as the lower; then we would discover that there are yet many more colours of both a longer wavelength than Red and a shorter wavelength than Violet. So too is it with the population of this Universe. We are surrounded by many entities of different wavelengths that we merely cannot perceive. So understand that this reality is indeed composed partially of your very own thoughts and emotions; furthermore that these things effect not only us in our visible universe but also those entities we do not personally perceive.





 At present the expression of healing on our planet is organic based healing primarily and this is not the full spectrum healing that is more universal and complete. Healing should be a process that examines the totality of the energy of the Chakras (imbalanced or blocked) and employ the uses of wavelengths –frequencies- of sound, colour, light and I go so far as to include aroma. Through certain types of food, crystals, coloured baths, lights and focused energy of the type employed by Reiki Masters; we are able to heal not just the effects within the rotting organic matter of our flesh but the causes








Within the cycle of incarnation we remain until we are set to abandon this duality and return to our true form as ascended Light Beings. While in this cycle there are some misconceptions that we shall address. After death we will return to a place filled with light that is similar to a colossal airport. This is the Way Station. Within this place are all Souls who are resting before they return to their next incarnation. Those Souls that are here will be expected to assist others in many ways with such tasks that are required there. When a Soul decides it is time to return to class they will then select a Portal that will be one that is of a harmonious frequency to that particular wavelength of each individual Soul. It is not a requirement to return as the same manner of humanoid or to the same planet. While we are resting at this Way Station we will have access to our higher dimensional brain that will enable us to recall all of our lessons and each incarnation. It is our task to decide what lessons we wish to learn next and where and how. When we leave this Way Station and are incarnated we will be as new-born babes and have no memory whatsoever of our past lives. This is only possible when we have access to our higher dimensional brain.




Pranayama Breathing


I practice a specific method




First you pull in the stomach while you inhale

Then you pull in the mid-diaphragm while inhaling

Finally you pull in the upper diaphragm while you inhale


Then Exhale


You push out from the upper diaphragm while you exhale

Then you push out from the mid-diaphragm while you exhale

And finally you push out from the stomach while you exhale



Then repeat


It is up to you if you choose to hold each breath or not.




I generally will begin with my breathing and follow with some Hatha Yoga stretching.

Sit in the lotus position or cross-legged on the floor

Concentrate on a point just beyond your edge of sight between your point of forward vision, up a bit.

Stay staring at that point as you relax and empty your mind of thought

Soon you will notice the point begin to grow into a dark circle

Allow it to grow until it encompasses you and you travel into the void of oneness.



        Stimulate your Pineal Gland


How to decalcify your Pineal Gland:  What we do not use on a regular basis will atrophy, so we must clear the blockages and belief in our ability to do this is a good starting point.

Qigong exercise – “Beating the Heavenly Drum”

Take your palm and place it over the ear with slight pressure –do this with both palms/both ears – so that the back of the hand faces the front and your fingers extend to the back of the head. You will have your thumbs at the lower part now below the ears. Make sure the thumb is parallel with the neck –straight down -.  Next you place the index finger over the middle finger – do this on each side of your head with both hands now -. Tap gently on your index finger with the same hand’s middle finger, in a slow, steady rhythm. Tap 12, 24, 36 times and then release your fingers from your ears and have a rest. Best results are achieved through this use of a steady pulse beating combined with relaxed focus on the produced sound and vibrations. Do this every day.

Using Sounds - Vowel sounds, intonations and chants have been employed by many cultures for eons here on this Planet.  Place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth and resonate the sound you make.  There are many different sounds that represent different auras and affect different parts of the body. The word “Ohm” is a very popular word to use and it will create that vibration that you will feel. It is this vibration that you wish to experience with your sound so whatever sound you use; always focus on the last to drag out the sound.

Astral Travel  



Get a candle. –Learn where your Third Eye is.-

Light Candle

Stare at the flame and concentrate on the “shadow” that dances around it.

Focus on the shadow space.

Concentrate for 5-8 minutes until you lock on an image of the border.

Burn in the eye –let it bounce about until it settles-

The settle point is the Third Eye point.

Close eyes and concentrate on that impression focus point.

Now turn off the lights in a prone position and close your eyes.

Now concentrate and focus on that focus point.

Stay focused until you imagine you are travelling towards that point

Until it is focused –begins to grow into a point-

Then wait for a vortex to appear above your head





It gets bigger and bigger and bigger

The focus point begins to move about

Keep following it until you gain

Like a Roller Coaster

18 – 30 minutes in

You might see the Astral Residents –shadow people-

Stay focused on the bead –focal point-

You see the Star Fields pass by

It goes fast to slow

Now it goes faster

Concentrate on the focal point –bead- black dot

Remember where your Third Eye is located

When the vortex turns Red –you tap in-

You are in a Roller Coaster stay focused upon the point


You stare at the Stars

Here the residents might approach you –Shadow People- ignore them.

Charge in with the energy from your Frontal Lobe

Ignore the colours

Hit the Gas   go forward.

Once the Vortex is about you in a dark Room

You will see the Web of Light

Just open your eyes slowly and you will see a net above your head

The Energy

Eventually you will see the Shadow People and perhaps Angels also.




 Method to Lucid Dream


I have been Lucid Dreaming since the age of 13 years old.

I will not discuss my dreams

But the method by which you may follow me upon the path.


The path to Lucid Dreaming


You must concentrate on the Void

Empty your mind and it will fill itself with a thought. Allow this image to grow until you find yourself within it. Your body will attempt to awake, it will make you open your eyes -Just close them- Enter your REM sleep pattern -the vibration- re-enter the dream but remain aware that it is a dream.

This ability to retain consciousness and control within this fifth dimensional dream -this is Lucid Dreaming.- Some of you will be tempted with the carnal and this is up to you, although it generally will cause you to awake. You determine the depth of the dream.



    Musing of the life after Ascension


We’ll explore a few of the many powers that are supposed to become manifest within us as we achieve ascension


Clairsentience – the ability to physically touch and feel things from other dimensions

Levitation- the ability to raise oneself into the air

Flight – achieved through mastery of levitation

Teleportation – able to physically move from one place to another by simply thinking of the place you wish to be

Dream Walking - the ability to enter into another person’s dreams while they sleep

Premonitions – having visions of future events

Astral Projection – the Astral Body consciously leaves the physical body

Telepathy – ability to communicate with others mentally through psychic means

Intelligent Quota – increases I.Q. as a result of using the full power of the brain

Precognitive Dreaming – Dreaming about future events

Eternal Body – aging as we know it will no longer occur physically

Tele-viewing – ability to mentally see something that has happened in the past in any place, anywhere

Intangibility – ability to physically pass through solid objects

Chronokinesis – able to slow down or speed up one’s perception of time

Force Fields – the use of the Aura, Etheric Body or Astral Body as a literal shield around the body for physical protection

Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to actually change the way you look

Psychometry – ability to psychically read objects by touch

Telekinesis – the ability to move objects using one’s mind

Bi-location – ability to be physically in two places at once

Quick Healing – the rate at which one heals will speed up dramatically

No Further Illnesses – diseases and illnesses will not exist in the bodies of the Enlightened Ones

Mind Reading – able to read the minds of/hear the thoughts of others

Illusory Telepathy – ability to create the illusion of being someplace else or seeing something not actually there by means of telepathic persuasion

Aura Seeing – being able to see the Auras of all things

Electrokinesis – the ability to control electricity using one’s mind

Animal Speaking – the ability to communicate telepathically with animals

Plant Speaking – ability to communicate with plants telepathically

Time Travel – ability to move forward, backward or sideways in Time

Remote Viewing – ability to literally see in your mind what is happening anywhere in the world at that moment


                In the Fifth Density we are capable of so much more.





     U.P.O.L. Rules



The greater your gifts and ability to look after yourself is the greater your responsibility to look after others.

Respect Life, Liberty and the Free will of others as long as they do no harm, as you would have them respect you.

Accept that you have already ascended and have at present a Higher Self that exists outside of our Time and Space.

Accept that thoughts create your personal interpretation of reality, so think positive thoughts.

Know that the relationship you share with The Creator, of which we are all a part of: is a purely personal one that differs with each unique Soul.

Know that you own only yourself.


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