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2.4 Learning

March 30-April 3, 2009

Organizers - Inbal Israely (IGC), Marta Moita (IGC) and Simon Rumpel (IMP)
Instructors - Steven Kushner (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands )


This course will be focusing on plasticity in the context of memory formation in the adult brain. The idea being that learning is continuoulsy shaping the brain throughout life.

Monday - Devoted to pre and post-synaptic mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. Whether plasticity was pre- or post-synaptic constituted a heated debate for a long time. Two lectures will intorduced the topic and in the afternoon students will discuss the classic papers underlying the debate.

Tuesday - The concept of competition and cooperation at the cellular and circuit level will be discussed. Agian two morning lectures will intorduce the topic and in the afternoon a discussion where studenst propose experiments to answer a couple of questions (TBA) on this topic.

Wednesday - Devoted to the fear circuit as a model system to study memory formation. In the morning evidence pointing to the amygdala as an essencial site for fear learning will be presented. In the afternoon the amygdala is put in the context of a whole circuit that underlies auditory fear learning.

Thursday - In the morning, after looking at the amygdala as a window into studies of memory formation, amygdala function in a broader sence will be discussed. In the afternnon students will discuss papers related to the functional role of structural plasticity.

Friday - In the morning there will be a recap session where the key concepts discussed during the week we'll be recalled and hopefully consolidated. In the afternoon there will be a discussion on experiments aiming at artificially reconstituing memory.


Background Papers

Harvey & Svoboda Nature 2007.pdf 1525k

Han Kushner Josselyn Science 2009.pdf 574k

Han Kushner Josselyn Science 2007.pdf 315k

Govindarajan & Tonegawa Nat Rev Neuro 2006.pdf 443k 


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