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Message from Conference Chair

Welcome to the website of the 1st International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka (IGCN). The IGCN is designed and organized to provide a cross-border, cross-sector, cross-disciplinary forum fo r those researchers, educators and industrial leaders who are creating and practicing
GIGAKU in various technology domains in various countries. The 1st IGCN will be held February 3-5, 2012 on the Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) campus, the heartland of GIGAKU.

Then what is GIGAKU? GIGAKU is a term composed of two Japanese word-roots; GI and GAKU. The word GI〔技〕literally stands for all kinds of arts and technology, and GAKU〔学〕stands for scientific disciplines in general when used as a suffix. The term was originally coined to describe the fundamental philosophy of education and research of NUT when it was established in 1976. Through this term the founders of NUT intended to express their recognition that all technical challenges in the real world require a scientific approach. And NUT has relentlessly pursued GIGAKU since then.

Thirty-five years have passed and all surrounding conditions have changed dramatically during those years. We are witnessing rapidly globalizing economies and huge scale changes in demographic, industrial and employment structures. All t hose changes seem to necessitate the further evolution of GIGAKU. In response to this, NUT recently announced its new “Growth Plan” and a renewed definition of the term is given;

GIGAKU is a science of technologies, which gives us an angle to analyze and reinterpret diverse technical processes an d objects and thus helps us to advance technologies forward. By employing a broad range of knowledge ab out science and engineering, management, safety, information technology and life sciences, GIGAKU provides us with workable solutions and induces future innovations.

Nagaoka, a birthplace of GIGAKU, is also the birthplace of the legendary tale  “One hundred sacks of rice”, which tells the story of h ow giving the highest priority to education is the everlasting spirit of the people of Nagaoka. The organizers sincerely hope that the International GIGAKU Conference organized at this special place will offer a venue where all GIGAKU practitioners – young and old, coming from different corners of the world but sharing a common dream for GIGAKU – can meet together, strengthen their ties, cross-fertilize each other’s imaginations and make further steps toward the realization of their dreams.

1st November 2011
Koichi Niihara, Conference Chair





February 3rd Friday

10:00 - 14:30

Industry Tour

15:00 - 15:30

Campus Tour (Techno Museum*)

15:30 - 17:00

Campus Tour (Labs & Facilities)

19:00 - 20:00

Welcome Reception

@The Hotel New Otani Nagaoka

February 4th Saturday

9:00 - 12:00

Opening and Plenary

12:00 - 14:00

Lunch and Poster Session

14:00 - 17:00

Oral Presentation Sessions [1]

19:00 - 21:00


Best Poster Award Ceremony

@The Hotel New Otani Nagaoka

February 5th


9:00 - 12:00

Oral Presentation Sessions [2]

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 15:00

Oral Presentation Sessions [3]




The plenary of the conference will offer keynote speeches by distinguished researchers and business leaders. Novel ideas and best practices in both research and education of GIGAKU will be presented.

Thematic Sessions

The five thematic oral presentation sessions will begin after the plenary in parallel sessions. Please choose one session for your presentation and participation. Topics covered by each session are shown in the table below. The topics below are just examples and topics are not limited to them. If you are unsure of which session is appropriate, feel free to consult with session coordinators via e-mail. They will guide you.

Session, Coordinator, Contact

Topics covered by sessions

GIGAKU & Material Design

Prof. Takayuki Komatsu

·       Design & fabrication of material

·       Advanced composite material

·       Monozukuri (manufacturing)

·       Safety design

GIGAKU & Global Collaboration

Prof. Masao Fukuda

·       Best practices in global R&D collaboration

·       Green material / technology


GIGAKU & Innovation

Prof. Tadachika Nakayama

·       Cases of industrial innovation

·       Innovation policy


GIGAKU & Regional Collaboration

Prof. Kazuhisa Yanagi

·       Best practices in regional R&D collaboration

·       Local resource-based R&D

·       R&D of SMEs

GIGAKU & Education

Prof. Kazuo Nakamura

·       Best practices in  collaborative education, twinning, double – degree programs, etc.

·       Internship programs

·       E-learning

Poster Session

The poster session will be organized during the lunch time (12:00 - 14:00) of 4th February in the Lecture Hall Building. Presenters are requested to be on site during this time slot. The best poster prize(s) will be awarded to poster presenters based on selection by session chairs. The prize awarding ceremony will be at the banquet on 4th February evening. Submissions by students are most welcome.


Call for Papers and Posters

Submissions should be sent with the following information before December 22 29, 2011 by e-mail to
  • Registration form in WORD
  • One-page abstract in PDF
  * Please see [Templates] .


Presentations and posters are given in English. Exceptional treatment may be given to presentations targeted at the general public. No translation/interpretation service will be provided.

Important Dates

  • Abstract Deadline:     December 22 29, 2011, 18:00 JST(GMT+9)
  • Poster Deadline:       December 22 29, 2011, 18:00 JST(GMT+9)
  • Author Notification:    January 10, 2012

Reviewing Process

All submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field, nominated by the International Scientific Advisors.


Oral presentation abstracts and posters will be compiled into print form proceedings. This will be available on site. After the conference, full papers will be published in online form in “Transactions on GIGAKU” (tentative title). In order for your paper to be included, submission of a full paper will be invited after the conference. The details of this process will be announced later.


Participants are requested to register with form[WORD] before December 22 29, 2011 by e-mail to
Registration Fee
  • Registration                  30,000 yen
  • Registration (student)    5,000 yen
  • Banquet                          5,000 yen
Payment shall be made at the reception desk upon your arrival. Only cash payment in yen is accepted. A receipt will be issued.

Conference Venue

    Nagaoka University of Technology
      Postal address: 1603-1 Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-2188 Japan

  -> Transportation :

    Transportation from Tokyo to Nagaoka

  • By Railway(JR) -From Tokyo JR Station to Nagaoka JR Station 90 minutes by Jo-etsu Shinkansen
  • By Car -From Tokyo Nerima I.C. to Nagaoka I.C. 240 km by Kan-etsu Expressway


   Transportation from Nagaoka JR Station to the Campus

  • By Bus - about 30 minutes from Nagaoka Station West Bus platform 7
  • By Taxi - about 20 minutes from Nagaoka Station West Exit

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