When Angels Go Home

When Angels Go Home


The Lord sent me an Angel

Sweet from head to toe

I love her heart and soul

So soon for her to go


I know you love her too Lord

But I already miss her so

Her wings and crown are beautiful

And how her dress of pearls does flow


But Lord, My Lord

This pain I feel

Send comfort soon

This ache is real


I do cherish all the memories

I will for all my life

I'll carry her smile within my heart

But Lord, this hurt, cuts like a knife


When Angels make their way back home

Oh how bitter sweet

I can still recall the joyful sound

Of the pitter patter of her little feet


Dear Lord, My Lord

Help us please

With time and faith

May this grief you ease


As my angel rests

within your arms

Keep us Lord

Free from harms


For when angels go home

We often lose our way

Forgetting they're borrowed

And not here to stay


Though my heart is heavy

And my eyes are filled with tears

I know she's safe with you Lord

No worries and no fears


My angel has gone home

While my love forever grows

But we shall meet again, in that time and place

That heavenly only knows


K Sherrell

April 9, 2015