You are not the victim

You have reaped, what you have sewn

And He has opened up the gates

And now the grapes of wrath are strewn


Yes there are victims

Far and wide across this land

But you my dear are suffering

By your own misguided hand


Don’t blame the wo(man) or Mom and Dad

For the woes that you now suffer

The Lord your God sent his Son to save

So you have the ultimate buffer


Do what you must do

But make haste, to make amends

Keep your enemies few

And watch closely all your friends


Your free will is in tact

Be honest with your heart

There is no turning back

This is where you start


Make your choices wisely

Your destiny will unfold

Let the truth of your decisions

Have the last word that is told 


But you are not a victim

Get up and lift your head

If you lay down or squander

Then victory will be dead


Written by K. Sherrell

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2012