This Is Your Moment

This Is Your Moment - 01/30/2012

This is Your Moment

This is your moment
Do what you do
Know the Lord commeth
So tell the truth

The day has come
Show and prove
The night is brought to light
Time to make your move

Peace is still
Chaos is not
Take hold of your will
This is your shot

The path is clear
The enemy at bay
To God, draw near
He paved the way

Listen close
To what he says
Take to heart
The coming days

Know that all
You hoped and dreamed
Is not for naught
Though so it seemed

This is your moment
This is your gift
This is your time
His name you shall lift

Let the world know
You are the change
You are difference
Should they find you strange

Not the norm
Or the status quo
Better and more powerful
Because the Word, you know

But your knowledge, is not power
The power, is in the blood
So seize this moment
Like it's new, after the flood

You are living your testimony
A better story is now in play
This is your moment
Give all your best away

Don't shortchange yourself
By shortchanging God
Don't cheat yourself
By gripping the wad

Give freely
Your time and your funds
May the work of the Lord
In your moment, be done

See this is your moment
But all glory to Him
This is your moment
May it never grow dim
by K. Sherrell
Copyright January 2012
All Rights Reserved.