The Glow of the Moon

The Glow of the Moon

How do I begin
Where do I start
How do I describe
This friend of my heart

What words could I use
What thoughts come to mind
What feelings and emotions
Could sum up our time

This sister you see
She took me in
She showed me compassion
When I needed a friend

She didn't judge
She didn't pry
And if she wondered
She asked not why

She cared for me
As one would a child
She sheltered me
Went the extra mile

And still today
She's far but near
Her door is open
I have no fear

I can speak my mind
I can cry a tear
I can shout or scream
And yell oh dear

But in the end
She's strong and steady
She's open and willing
She's always ready

Like the glow of the moon
She shines her light
She lets me know
I'm not alone in the fight

She looks to me
And I look to her
My sister, my friend
We both concur

I hope you have
A friend like mine
A sister, a brother
For the rocky times

Should you not
Do not fret
Be a true friend
And soon one you'll get

When things get tough
When the going is rough
Know that the glow of the moon
Is always enough

So find that someone
Who provides that glow
And when you see it
A true friend you will know

By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved.




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