The Final Nod

The Final Nod

The Final Nod


I strive to be greater
Through Jesus I can
I triumph over haters
Because His power is grand

He's given me all
That I'll ever need
Whether big or small
His guidance I'll heed

The faith to step out
The time is now
Lift your voice and shout
He is ready to wow 

Live with intention
And a purpose that's clear
Have a spiritual convention
For God is near

You can have an impact
Dig deep, look harder
With your faith in tact
Be a fire starter 

You can make a change
It starts with you
Though it may seem strange
It's what you must do

God has a vision
For your life
Make the decision
To sacrifice

The reward will come
The promise is alive
Sing, shout and hum
Dare to strive

Review your perspective
Is it in line
Be a detective
New life you will find

Because God is Great
I can be greater
Life is at stake
Start now, not later

Walk with Him and declare it
Let the greater in you lead the way
Free your talent and share it
God will reveal himself, as you pray

You have more inside
Don’t let discouragement win
Put aside the pride
Now is when you begin

Surrender to the call
Hear the Word of God
He’ll be your all in all
Give greater the final nod
Written By K. Sherrell
Alll Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012