He clothes the lilies of the field
And feeds the sparrows everyday
His promises will always yield
The best of what we hope and pray

We may not know what tomorrow brings
Nor what today may hold
But eternally, hope does spring
And God almighty has you in his fold

Though we long, to have our loved ones near
Satan never sleeps
He schemes and plots until he draws a tear
Then into the night he creeps

Satan breaks hearts and embeds lies
He steals all innocence
He loves to hear the saddest cries
And he smiles when we are tense

Satan jumps at every chance to steal
The joy that is deep inside
He wants you to believe, you cannot heal
He loves when we run and hide

But we will be reunited
With all that God has in store
The path may be dimly lighted
But he is with us forever more

The Lord can heal our pain
Nothing is too big for him
He cleanses every stain
He fills our cup to the rim

What's lost can be found with God
He can restore and make whole once more
Like tiny peas in a pod
He cradles us with love galore

Our families are at risk
So much is at stake
Satan will be brisk
So haste you must make

To God, cry out
Tell Satan to go
Lift a joyful shout
And a good seed you'll sew

Reunion is close at hand
Keep Satan at bay with the Word
You have no more, than you can stand
Believe in the gospel you have heard


Written By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved