Raised To Life

Raised To Life

Jesus made

The ultimate sacrifice

So that you could be

Raised to life


With Him you can

Beat the strife

All because

He paid the price


So if you are

Far from God

Because you fear

A chastening rod


Know He loves you

Beyond the bod

As you are

No need to mod


He’ll create in you

A brand new heart

You can get

A fresh new start


Once you’re with Him

He’ll never part

He owns it all

You don’t need a cart


When you go out

Jesus always pays

That was Him

Who brought better days


He’s in love with you

That why he stays

You cannot hide

He knows all your ways


Raised to life

No need to fear

Know your Father

Is always here



Follow the book

That will steer you clear

Hope is alive

And He’s always near


Spread the Word

That He is alive

He’s always on

Never stops at five


He is the truth

And that’s no jive

Praise His name

Jesus can revive!


Raise to Life With Christ
By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012