Promise Fulfilled

Promise Fulfilled

So long ago
I said a prayer
And You filled my heart
With love and care

Prophetic words
You gave to me
A careful description
Of my husband to be

You kept me in
A waiting room
For a better story
With my would be groom

You gave me hope
You gave me signs
You moved the obstacles
And shortened the lines

Though it seemed to take a while
Time was really on my side
Destiny can't be rushed
Because fate has the perfect stride

I walk with You
You lead the way
I talk with You
And hear what You say

I feel Your words
I heed Your call
My heart in Your hands
In Love, as I fall

You release the promise
You remove the veil
Your plan revealed
And will not fail

As it is written
A promise fulfilled
Two shall become one
As it is God's will

We embrace the future
And forgive the past
We build this union
On a truth that will last

We let go of the hurt
We let out our concern
We trust in You Lord
When the tables are turned

So thankful for
The promised fulfilled
To God Be The Glory
May I walk in His Will
Written By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2012