Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Like a Morning Glory
In the sunlight you bloomed
And in the blink of an eye
You were gone too soon

Fragile and wounded
Your heart lost it's hope
And with the trials of life
You struggled to cope

But our hearts are still full
Of a love we'll hold dear
From now to eternity
Though you're no longer near

We say goodbye
So long, farewell
As we wipe away tears
And recall stories to tell

You are cherished and loved
You'll be missed, oh so much
May God be with us all
Dare we not, stay in touch

Let us love one another
In the days and months ahead
Let us pray for peace and comfort
And feed our souls with daily bread

Joy comes in the morning
Though we may weep tonight
But glory, glory, hallelujah
We're armed and ready for this fight

Our bodies may be weak
But our spirit never stronger
We hold to the unchanging hand
Of the One who's loved us longer

Morning Glory
With your bright bells ringing
Whispering the story
Of the Angels singing

Grant me comfort
Let me rest
Wish me peace
And all the best

BY K Sherrell
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright January 2014