Don't Deny Your Truth

Don't Deny Your Truth

The truth of my mind
The truth of my heart
The truth of my soul
Won't tear me apart

I'm good with me
On purpose, I'm clear
I'm in love you see
With my thoughts, I hold dear

I know me
Like no other
I get me
Better than keeper or brother

I'm full to the brim
With clarity and vision
My goals reached & opposers grim
They're moved by my decisions

I set and move the bar
I know I will go far
I jump & leap and rise above
On the wings of a peaceful Dove

My peace is in
The joy I seek
My truth
It keeps me meek

Know oneself
To you be true
The best gift to give
To me, is you

In whole, not part
From end to start
From head to heart
Be true, be smart

Never deny
The being of you
Always, always
To yourself be true
By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved