*New!* Inspired


I’m inspired by the mission
They call impossible
By the vision they say
Is improbable

I’m inspired because
I know I’m unstoppable
Because the enemy is near
But he is vain and toppable

I’m inspired by accountability
So I seek responsibility
I know that I am undeniably
Full of ability

My agility, my mentality
I’m only limited by mortality
I cherish my morality
And I'll still go far beyond equality

I grow my equity
To combat the inequity
Time is a reality
I dare not waste my totality

I wish peace to all
In the galaxy
My inspiration is
No fallacy

I’m inspired to be
All that I am
I’m inspired to see
My peers live no sham

I am living in truth
I’m inspired by youth
I am stumbling and rising
All the way to the roof

I will shout from the top
You knew I wouldn’t stop
I am inspired by you
I am inspired by truth

By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved.