I am Healed

I Am Healed

I Am Healed


We were touched at Elevation

So we leapt to our fate

My husband quit his job

Because our God is so great


We knew he would provide

So we had to make some choices

But he was always by our side

Filling our ears with the wisest voices


Then Satan raged a battle

He attacked me from within

He sought to destroy my body

But he just barely scraped my skin


We put our trust in God

We knew he would prevail

Even if, I lost the body

My soul was not for sale


We would not question

The master plan

Or waste precious time

Trying to understand


Our focus was

To love the Lord

And we all praised Him

With one accord


Time was ticking

Then the clock struck twelve

All turned orange

And into the word we would delve


His presence was with me

Healing was near

Satan got behind me

For whom shall I fear


I will live, I will live

I sang up to Heaven

The momentum continued

From night six through night seven


The revival was a resurrection

It strengthened our faith

Dead cells don’t matter

Once new life takes their place


The Gospel is the good news

Jesus lived a perfect life

Though he walked in our shoes

Amidst all the strife 


He defeated the cross

Our souls to save

He arose on the third day

And conquered the grave


He sits on the throne

He reigns on high

He also lives in us

By and by


Now the morning has come

And I am healed

Praise God, praise God

His presence revealed!


By K. Sherrell

All rights reserved

Copyright June 3, 2012.