Hope to Hope

*New!* Hope to Hope

Hope to hope
Heart to heart
Sometimes in life
We have to part
It's not the end
It's just a season
Though it's tough
And we know not the reason
We will get through
God by our side
No need to worry
Take it all in stride
Our Father is watching
He is loving and true
He knows our heartache
He invented blue
But he also created
All that is good
And he desires to give you
Spiritual food
He's there for you
And there for me
He never leaves us
Though he sets us free
Sometimes we look so hard
That we often fail to see
The grace, glory and promise of God
And who and how we're meant to be
He will provide
Pain will subside
Enjoy the ride
Because God lives inside
Hope to hope
Heart to heart
Wishing you
A fresh new start!
By K. Sherrell
Copyright December 15, 2011
All Rights Reserved.