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Wide Open

Wide Open

Wide Open
Face to face
But not eye to eye
I look at you

And then I sigh
I wonder how
I wonder why
You chose this path

And had to die
Too little hope
Not enough faith
Or the tools you needed

To win this race
I do not know
This wide open road
But I know for sure

God carries my load
So when I wonder
Off the narrow path
He pulls me back

He spares his wrath
For he loves me so
The Bible says
He loves me so

He deserves my praise
I am living for truth
Discovering lost youth
I will not let your death

Be the end of me too
Life is wide open
For good choices too
And the truth is wide open

Once you reveal the real you
Come join my journey
Bury the lies
Throw off the mask

And lets claim our prize
Victory is ours
We hold the powers
And the door is open wide
Once we choose not to hide

Don't be shy
Shake off the fear
Own all of your faults
That's how you got here

Our friend may be gone
But we still have our chance
Let's live, love and learn
Do the wide open dance!

Written by K Sherrell
Copyright October 14, 2011
All Rights Reserved