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Why Not

Why Not

Why not take a chance?
Why not show your hand?
Why not remove the mask?
Why not reveal the plan?

Yes there is a risk
Of course, a lot's at stake
But what deal, did you make?
What promise will you break?

What's worth
Your honesty
Your credibility, your integrity?

What is worth your piece of mind?
WHat is worth your time?

Why not unload, all that baggage
That's been holding you back
Why not give freedom a chance
Take hold and get your life back

Why not drop
The pounds of fear
That's weighed you down
Since yesteryear

I ask today
And tomorrow the same
Why not, why not
WHat's the shame?

Honor yourself
Let it all go
Free yourself
To go with the flow

Judge you, they will
And yes, some will be cruel
But at the end of the day
Your conscience shall rule

You'll be free from guilt
Free from fear
Free from all
That's kept you near

Near to the edge
But not falling over
But trampling upon
Every four leafed clover

So why not today
Let down your guard, but be smart
Why not today
Make a fresh new start?

Written by K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright August 2011