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The Simple Woman

Once there was a woman
She had eyes, a nose, a mouth but no face
She walked the narro path
But her footsteps left no trace

Her voice was loud
And even moments passed
When she felt proud

But no one ever heard her voice
Or saw her rise and stand
No one ever felt her touch
Or held her nervous hand

But sometimes at night
You can hear her cry
Never a moonlight
With eyes that are dry

By day she escapes
In dreams made of green
By evening she retreats
Deep inside and unseen

A very simple woman
Not special but true
No desirable qualities
Seen as a waste by a few

She grew old and more unsightly
The men all laughed out loud
Not often did they see a sight
So crude within the crowd

She did not understand
Why she was so alone
But she accepted her fate
And she retreated to her home

She aged with wisdom
And a little grace
And towards the end
She could see her own face

It was pale and shallow
Her eyes filled with tears
Holding all the pain
Of the previous years

No one ever saw
Any beauty, inside or out
And the old woman knew it
And never had any doubts

But she lived a good life
She sat alone on the aisle
And even though she had no face
A mirror once captured her smile

If you had ever met her
You would understand what I mean
She was unmistakeably forgettable
A simply woman unseen