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The Power of You

The Power of You

The power of you

When you think you can't
You can
When you want to stop
Remember you're the (wo)man

The setting is tough
The culture is rough
You've had about enough
You hate trifling stuff

But let me remind you
The power is yours
Your imagery, your creativity
Will open the doors

The reality
Is what you envision
Don't limit your sanity
To your environmental condition

The power of you
Is great, it's grand
The power of you
Trumps every man

The power of you
Makes them pause and take a bow
The power of you
Yields a resounding Wow

The power of you
Oh none can compare
The power of you
Causes others to stare

You're amazing and
You're strong
You're determined
To right the wrong

You believe
And I believe
The power, the fortune
You will receive

The power of you
Will pull you through
The power of you
Is in all you do! 

Written by K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright January 2011