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The pressures of life
Make you tough
Not unlike
The diamond in the rough

You go through things
You come out stronger
On the other side
You suffer no longer

But the journey is hard
You can't be weak
Your treasures are waiting
So continue to seek

The pain hacks your brain
The struggle pounds your heart
you'll never be the same
so far from the place you start

Success is in your eyes
Joy hides beneath your grin
You'll claim the biggest prize
It's your destiny to win

You've come so far
You cannot stop
Your riches await you
Off you go to the top

I'm proud of you
Though I may not say
I love you too
More everyday

I pray for your peace
That you find your way
May the lonliness cease
May fulfillmnet come to stay

You have drive
You have class
You're smart and funny
Built to last

You will rise above
All circumstance
To take your place
Not luck or chance

You were born to fly
Someday I'll watch you soar
As if on wings of angels

To the top you go
Pain no more
The best you are
No doubt by far

I love you now
I'll love you then
Remember I'm with you
Til the very end

Now hold your head high
Fly baby fly
Show the world
What happens when you dare to try

Written By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2011