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No Loss

No Loss

As my hearing faded
And my memory slipped
The love of my life
Started to trip

The one
I bore
No more

I'm an afterthought
Behind the time
I'm second class
Not fit for prime

I forget
And I swear
Now my heart
Has a tear

Off he goes
No word, no warning
We are like foes
From night, 'til morning

I am invisible
I don't matter
Like idle chatter

One of the bunch
One of the crowd
Less than a friend
He shouts out loud

I stand accused
Of an over reaction
I fall abused
Just a minor distraction

No accountability
And blame spread thin
Always on the defense
Rarely looks within

Loves to compare
And over analyze words
Trying to diminish
Everything that is heard

He decides
The conversation must end
He controls
Our money he spends

No time for a sermon
Not a video or blog
Work and play come first
His time I won't hog

Making decisions
Along the way
Not thinking of the consequences
In the light of day

Acting grown
Because he can
Not realizing
What it takes to be man

He must win
At all cost
No need for a mother
No real loss

Written By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012