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My Pink is Red

My Pink Is Red

My Pink Is Red

My courageous sister

My courageous brother

You rise before me

Like no other


You stand strong

In the headwinds of life

You praise God

Through blessings and strife


It’s not the pink ribbon

That makes you whole

It’s the blood on the cross

That saves yours soul


You are mighty

A warrior and a friend

You are valued

On God you can depend


No sickness

Can strike you down

For the love of God

You have found


It will carry you through

It will stand when you sit

It will make you new

It will never quit


See the pink in my ribbon

It is founded on red

As He washes me white

It fades, 'cause He bled


I surrendered it all

For He gave me His peace

I praise His Holy name

And my burden I release


My sister, my brother

Leave your cares behind

Pick up your cross

And get in line

The future is yours

The plan is complete

With long life you live

So rise to your feet


Praise Him, Praise Him

My pink is red

Christ Jesus saves

All else is dead

Written by K. Sherrell


Copyright October 14, 2015

All Rights Reserved