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Love, Faith and Whispers

Love, Faith and Whispers

 You meant the world to me
Never thought you’d cease to be
Present in the flesh
The way I knew you best

The body is not the soul 
And the spirit I didn’t hold
Like the picture on the shelf
I must remind myself

You are ever present with me
Through dark and sleepless nights
You are like an evening shadow
Reflected by the sunlight

Now my dearest friends still with me
Be gentle, I’ve suffered a loss
But please don’t let me cower
For that too has a cost

I do need adequate time to grieve
But only still, a temporary reprieve
So do me a favor
Should you see my faith waiver

You be the boss
Lest I get lost
Pull me aside
And whisper “God’s Love abides”

I tell you this now
Because if I forget
You’ll know just what to do
Should I begin to fret

Oh how I miss
The days gone by
So fast
Time does fly

I shall never forget my loss
As I strive to hold on each day
But I’m thankful for friends and family alike
Whose love, faith and whispers lead the way

Written by K. Sherrell
Copyright August 22, 2011

All Rights Reserved