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In Your Eyes


In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

Your eyes say it all
They are the keys to your soul
A portal to the inner workings
Of what the heart and mind does hold

The joy leaps and sparkles
It radiates from the whites
The sadness seeps and clouds the color
Your eyes now dull, no longer bright

Tell the Lord what ails you
Though He already knows
Call upon Him to save you
He's the answer to all your woes

When the Lord takes on your battle
He conquers all the foes
His power is unlimited
Though you're restricted in the throws

Your eyes tell a story
Of a problem just right for God
So let it go and make some room
Where the Angels shall come and trod

In your eyes, there is wisdom
But what you must come to know
God is the only Source
From Him all blessings flow
By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012