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Thanks to my family
Who didn’t always spare the rod
Thanks to my family
Who’ve always loved God

Thanks for the love
Thanks for the hugs
Thanks for the watchful eyes
Even thanks, for the shrugs

I’m pleased to have a family
So loving and true
I’m thankful for a family
Who’ve helped me to get through

Beyond sadness and pain
Darkness and rain
The problems that drain
And the hurts that stain

I have joy and hope
No reason to mope
When life jabs and punches
Family arrives in bunches

Family lends a hand
When bodies are weak
Family takes a stand
When justice we seek

Family loves to pieces
When death rings and life ceases

Family’s there to care
When things don’t go our way
The burden they’ll share
When trials seem here to stay

I’m so thankful to my Mom & Dad
My siblings and my daughter too
I’m thankful for the times we’ve had
I’m thankful for each and every one of you

This special day
We set aside
To reflect on the memories
Of this wonderful ride

But every day, In every way

I’m thankful
And I’m blessed
I’m joyful
Even when stressed

You all
Fulfill my life
And with God
There’s no lasting strife

Here’s to
The days ahead
Raise your glass
And let’s break bread!

Happy Thanksgiving

By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright November 20, 2010