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Familiar Strangers

Familiar Strangers

We've never met
But I know you
The same pain we feel
When we are blue

When laughter rings and echoes
And joyous shouts and bellows
Fill our empty spaces
And erases lonely traces

I know you
But we've never met

We are like familiar strangers
Whose path knows not the boundaries
Of space and time

We are like old friends in good graces
Showing up, showing out
And reliving the past's old places

We've lived a different life
But we've lived the same old lie
We've made the same mistakes
But we've cried a different cry

Today we come together
We leave the past behind
Today we start a new
Today we live in truth

But we're a work in progress
We move along each day
Sometimes forward and sometimes back
So for guidance, we must pray

Reach out to me and hold my hand
When you are feeling weak
For I am just like you
A true friend is all I seek

So all you familiar strangers
Don't feel so all alone
There are droves of us awaiting
For God to call us home

But until he does please know
That you are not alone
I bet there's a familiar stranger
Inside your very own home

Look around you closely
It's really easy to do
Take a check and see
Who reminds you of you

Written by K.  Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted Material