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Dream Chasers

Dream Chasers

Chasing a dream
Keeps alive our youth
Whether big or small
In an office or a booth

But it's not enough to have a dream
A goal, a plan and hard work is needed
Follow through and reap the benefits
Of the great advice you headed

Set a goal
Devise a plan
Envision where, you'll land

Hard work pays off
In time you'll see
The laborious hours
Will soon set you free

Chasing a dream
Adds spice to life
Chasing a dream
May end the strife

Dream big, dream bold
Imagine the improbable, real
But wise day dreamers
Have little time to kill

Dream chasers
Live on purpose
They dig deep
Then rise above the surface

They have a circle of influence
That's tried and true
They have a wealth management plan
And a portfolio too

They may start out small
Or with nothing at all
And when it's all said and done
The dream victory is won

So go chase your dream
Make it grand as you can
Let the fire in your eyes
Leave no surprise

When the dream becomes reality
And world stands in awe
Recall the day you pledged to chase
That dream your eyes once saw

Written By K. Sherrell

Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved