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Beautiful women
Take a stance

We are more
Than what the glass can hold
We are mighty
We are bold

Business savvy in the day
And vigilant through the night
Determined always to make a way
Like peacemakers, walking with candlelight

Yes we want to have our say
But that doesn’t make us whole
The time we spend as we kneel and pray
Builds our wealth, the truth be told

So if you look at me and wonder
How does she do it all?
Remember there’s no need to ponder
You own the court and it’s your ball

Choose confidence
Not arrogance
Choose elegance
Then take a chance

Be the lady inside
of you Show them who you are
But no need to battle, the war you’ve won
You’ve grown so much and come so far

Strike that balance
Like I know you can
You’re a great woman
And your ground you can stand

Soft and gentle
Strong and fierce
Smiles that warm
Eyes that pierce

We can be it all
Have it all
Do it all
And stand so tall

But remember to praise
Remember to lift
Remember to thank
For you have a gift

Confident and elegant ladies
Beautiful women of the world
Take your place with grace
And give life, a full on twirl!