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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

I set out to build a bridge
For there was a place I wished to cross
With wading not an option
And the gap longer than a stone's toss

I sought to find materials
To build this bridge of mine
I sought to gather the tools I needed
Some broken limbs and a few strong vines

But the bridge I really needed
Was not made of twine
The bridge that I was searching for
Had been built ahead of time

All I needed, was my Lord
Who was always there
All I had to do was accept
His gentle loving care

My invitation was nailed to a tree
My salvation was sang of with glee
My redemption was paid by Thee
And the bridge I was building was not needed you see

Jesus paved the way
And he's been preparing and almost done
So spread the word
Class is cancelled, for Bridge Building 101

Written K.  Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2011