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Beautiful Black
Brown, Yellow and Tan
But the color is not,
What makes the woman

We are strong and proud
Both quiet and loud
We are forgiving and kind
We love, with eyes blind

Despite our American beginning
Our History is rich
And we're not just the fabric
But the very stitch

We hold it together
We are built to last
We have every motivation
To overcome our past

We are the quilt of everlasting
The patchwork of beauty
And no one can separate us
From our call to duty

We do as we must
And oh yes we can
There's no room for doubt
When it's time for a stand

Tomorrow brings hope
And broken promises too
But we're wired to cope
And meet challenges new

Beautiful Black
Brown, Yellow and Tan
Let us always rejoice
Because we can!

Written By K.  Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2009