Hinder Me Not

Hinder Me Not

The Devil thought he had me
But what he didn't know
My grandmother stored up mercy
Years of prayers, she did sew
He thought that he had trapped me
When he led me into sin
And even though I followed
The Lord heard, the prayers of kin

His snare was temporary
Satan's hold on me is dead
Jesus nailed it to the cross
And placed a crown upon my head

I am a child of God
Forever I declare
I know who I am
So Satan, don't you dare

Get back evil villain
Jesus came to save
He lived a perfect life
Then He conquered the grave

Satan you can't have me
I've been claimed by the One above
My Jesus, Sweet Jesus
So glad that He is Love

I object to your enticements
And upon further review
Your promises are empty
But God has made me new

I am poised for greater things
I believe and I've surrendered
I'm preparing to fulfill my calling
And by Satan, I’ll not be hindered

K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012