Heaven Help Me

Heaven Help Me

You and I
The One and only
Heaven help me
Heaven hold me

Time is passing
Life is fading
Heaven open up the gates
And let me in, let me in

I can't wait another day
I want my father face to face
I know we'll meet some sweet day
But can't you just let me in, let me in

I know all things
Happen in time
In yours divine
And never mine

I do not understand
Your ways
But I love you
Til the end of days

Father let me in

The world is hard
The world is cruel
Father you know
What to do

I know you can
Help from afar
No need to be
Near or par

But won't you just
Let me in, let me in

Hear my scream, hear my cry
You know I try
Let me in
Please let me in
By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved.