He Knows

He Knows

He knows

When my heart is broken
When I'm lonely or afraid
When I need someone
To come to my aid

I call on the Lord
I lean on His word
I heed his instruction
For the truth I've heard

No need to wear
A blanket of sorrow
For Christ has conquered
There is hope for tomorrow

I lie down
In pastures green
And invite the One
I have not seen

Holy, Holy, Holy
With all His might
The Lord my God
Changes red to white

He cleanses me
And makes me new
He knows my heart
And just what to do

No need to fear
Worry is a waste
Once I cast my cares
The Lord makes haste

He picks me up
He guards my heart
His love for me
Will never depart

So when I don't know
Just what to do
I look to the Lord
I pray you will too

Written By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012