From Dust We Came

From Dust We Came

I called you here
Simply to confess
My sin and shame
What a terrible mess

My hands are dirty
My feet are stained
My mind what a clutter
My body drained

Just when I thought
I was losing it all
God whispered to me
Be still, stand tall

The mud and the mess are not
What they may seem
There is meaning, there is life
In every broken dream

For God is in the business of
Renew and redeem
He showers us with mercy
A gift of grace, for those unclean

My miracle was in the mud
I'm living life, at its best
My Father knows I'm dirty
He's not putting me to the test

Though my sins be as scarlet
He washes them away
And He gave me His Holy Word
To keep Satan's schemes at bay

In the mud, there is meaning
There is mercy and a miracle too
Praise God, Shout to Jesus
From dust we came but He makes us new!

By K Sherrell
ALl Rights Reserved
Copyright 2013