Posted December 17, 2011

*New!* Freedom

Freedom of choice
Chose to listen
Freedom of voice
Know when to speak

Freedom of choice
Choose your battle
Freedom of voice
Not the urge to tattle

Who among you
Is wise in years
Who do you trust
With your hopes and fears

We know not today
What tomorrow may bring
But faith paves the way
For all great things

Stand tall
During the trials of life
Give freely
Even in sacrifice

Freedom of the mind
To create a dream
Living in a world
Where all takes green

Know that you can do it
There is a way
Keep pushing forward
And seize the day

Freedom of choice
Choose the narrow path
Freedom of voice
You do the math

Take the high road
Odds are you'll find
Your dreams are in reach
It just takes time

By K. Sherrell
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved.