Feeding The Faith

Feeding The Faith

Feeding The Faith

I misplaced my faith
And focused on fear
I fed my body
But my faith, oh dear

I missed the mark
Not by a day or a year
But I've spent my life
Coming up the rear

Faith longs to be nourished
It must be fed
Oh how it wants to flourish
And not be left, for dead

It's starving for the Word
It's begging for attention
But when faith believes a lie
You get sentenced to detention

You are held in bondage
And fear takes control
Your perspective is limited
And Satan seems bold

The panic and the pain
They will cease to be
You know God's promise is near
When your spiritual vision is clear

The eyes of my heart
They uncover the layers
And the wisdom in the Word
Is revealed through my prayers

I can live in fullness
When I get up and eat
When I'm full of faith
Life is sweet

The Word is my truth
My faith is renewed
Fear has less power
When it's not misconstrued

Fear is natural
To be scared is not
Even if, the worst happens
Our God, we've got

Put your faith in God Almighty
Put fear in its proper place
Feed your faith with His Holy Word
And be covered by His grace
Written by K. Sherrell

All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2012