Incapable of
Being loved
Never wanted
Except from above

Rejected in
The eyes of men
For outward strength
... And beauty within

Never holding
A gentle hand
Never wearing
An endless band

Not one of the
Chosen few
But selected by
The God who knew

Valued always
By Him who saves
Who shows me mercy
Who conquers graves

I am but one
Of a growing breed
Ladies left behind
In thought and deed

The choices I made
Had I heeded my cue
I'd have been true to me
And honest with you

Dare not strip away
My golden crown
But nail to the cross
The tears that drown

What a difference
Oh a difference it makes
When we realize
Really realize, the stakes

When we are new
And burdens are light
We breeze through the day
And sail through the night

I am home again
And capable too
Of giving love
And receiving it boo

Know that I don't
Blame it on you
But I've done my soul work
And I'm no longer blue

I'm capable
But fallible
I'm being shaped
I'm malleable

I'm loved by the One
Who gave me life
In the Body of Christ
I am His wife

By K Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2013