All About Honor

All About Honor - 02/07/2012

It's all about honor
Take a bow and show respect
To the womb that carried you
And the Lamb that paid your debt

It's not about you
Jesus be the center
The body is an earthly temple
But you are just a renter

See your spirit has a home awaiting
Beyond the azure blue
Store your treasures carefully
Give God the first and best of you

It's all about honor
Hear your generations call
It's all about the One
Who shows mercy when you fall

He made the ultimate sacrifice
He gave his life for you
Believe him and receive him
He can make you new

In your day to day
When you realize your way don't work
Let go and let God
He has a better way and He can heal the hurt

His grace is sufficient
And his love will endure
I'm a living testimony
So of this, I am sure

It's all about honor
He is the One
It's not about you
Because of Him, it is done

Take heed to the calling
Victory is won
Make peace, seek and grant forgiveness
Before the setting of the sun

It's all about honor
Glorify His name
Cherish your elders
And may your youth do the same

Let's create a better story
Let's start a hot new trend
Disrespect is out
Honor is in!

Written By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved
Copyright February 2012