A Great Dad

A Great Dad

I don't recall
When I was a baby
But I know you were great
For certain, there's no maybe

When I was one year old
I didn't do much
But I'm sure you promised me
Gold, diamonds, jewels and such

When I turned two
I thought about walking
They said I looked like you
But I didn't do much talking

When I turned three
Things just got better
It was you and me
And the Irish Setter

No, no, no
The Setter was a dream
Not mine, but yours
But we did have ice cream

When I was four
We played a game
You let me win
Each time the same

When I was five
You taught me things
You took me on drives
Let me spread my wings

When I was six
To school I went
Mama Essie's was fun
Lots of time I spent

When I was seven
And losing teeth
You took my picture
Then gave me a Heath

Life was good
When I was eight
You worked hard
And J. Grumps was great!

My memories may not
Reflect the right date
But as a father
You take the cake

When I was nine
There was lots of change
But you made it easy
So I didn't feel strange

When I was ten
I had a party
It was so much fun
Of course Auntie was tardy

Then came eleven, twelve and thirteen
Those were the awesome years
I was growing up
And you were growing fears

Fourteen came and
To skating we went
I wore a yellow jumpsuit
And met an older gent

Fifteen through twenty
Now those years were hard
Sometimes I got spoiled
But mostly got the rod

Twenty-one and up
Has been quite a roller coaster
But I wouldn't have made it this far
Without you in my holster

You are my biggest fan
Never once a foe
You're my secret weapon
Just wanted you to know

You are a great dad
The greatest, like Ali
You are loved and appreciated
Much thanks to you from me!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
By K. Sherrell
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2012