Affirmations and Inspirational Poetry for Living in Truth
 If Tears Could Talk
This is what people are saying about "If Tears Could Talk"
and other poems by K. Sherrell Poetry

“Phenomenal… so inspirational” Shoan M.

“Confidence is my favorite!! I just keep reading it over and over.” Angela R.

“GREAT.” “Your book of poems are very inspiring and uplifting.” Connie M.

"Awesome!" Lorrie Mc.

"Amazing, brought me to tears.." Candace Mc.

"Incredible!!!!!!!" "Beautiful! You are an inspiration" Janet G.

"Beautiful!" "Absolutely Beautiful" Ruth B.

"Wonderfully written and inspired, you are blessed." Laura W.

Wow! Absolutely amazing! Gog has certainly blessed you with some poetic talent!!" April H.

So perfect!!!! You are amazing. Love it!" Kelli S.

"What a gift!!" Lisa T.

"So precious..." "So good." Angela O.

"Awesome!" Latoya W.

"Lovely..." Sonya W.

"Wonderful. I really like this!" Dori T.

"Wow! Nice! I really like and can relate..." Vikki C.

"God has blessed you with that gift of expression.'" Tami Mc.